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Gabriel Martell y su Ensamble de Música Antigua Presentarán su Nuevo Disco "QUEEN INSTRUMENTAL"

Gabriel Martell y su Ensamble de Música Antigua Prepensatarán su Nuevo Disco !EN VIVO! Este próximo jueves 15 de Agosto: A las 12:00 pm Y a las 7:00 pm Teatro GMartell | Entrada Libre !NO TE LO PUEDES PERDER!

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This is so cool! Instrumental Queen? I'm totally intrigued. I'm a sucker for a good classical twist, and this sounds like a real treat. Reminds me of those days playing Papa's games, where I'd spend hours crafting the perfect pizza while listening to catchy tunes. Now if only I could get a pizza delivered along with this new album! 🍕🎶


Helen Dam
Helen Dam
30 mai

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