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John Lennon: su luz sigue brillando

Nacido en el núcleo de una familia de clase baja en Liverpool. Nunca se imaginó que se convertiría en una de las figuras musicales más trascendentes de la historia. En lo que hoy hubiera sido su cumpleaños número 80, recordamos a Jonh Lennon.

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Masker Yulia
Masker Yulia
Aug 28, 2023

This report is being written with 10 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter to give you an idea of how the evening is shaping up. run 3


Unknown member
Aug 13, 2022

Towards provide your self an strategy of how this night is heading, I composing this report with 10 minutes still left in just the fourth quarter. The good news is oneself people today can flip this derpfest off and track within in direction of reruns of Cops or regardless of what just one does upon Saturday night time, yet I Include toward preserve seeing. Il be trustworthy, irrespective of my as a substitute cavalier prediction Friday (45-21 Oregon, for those people of yourself who could possibly consist of overlooked it), I experienced reservations concerning this recreation for some period, and deep down feared that Oregon would not just eliminate, nevertheless drop poorly. Wager that prediction did occur legitimate. On your…

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